In one of her first speeches as the new Minister of Education, (copied for you under “Things worth Knowing”) Hon Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman expressed her concern about a number of issues related to levels of education that are to be raised to a higher level.

We, Dutch Technology, parting a group of foreign investors in Ghana cannot be more in agreement and corporate social responsibility makes us constant aware that we have to provide as much help and support as we can.
Apart from other initiatives –especially in the field of science based education- we are obliged to sponsor a project that is of highest importance at present:  ICT Capacity Building in Education.

Our trajectory of sponsoring entails support to a vital institute within the ministry: the place where “trainers are trained”; a complete and guaranteed working ICT capacity building environment is installed and operated with 38 Colleges of Education.

With full and permanent support from abroad –to start with a 3-years period- the Colleges will receive an enormous amount of assistance and advice that might lead to a result as commented by the minister.

We welcome you to take notice of our project set-up and look forward to your earnest comment and suggestions. Please become a member and keep on placing your ideas or critics on the forum.

For the benefit of all of us!

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